Saturday, July 10, 2010

Yo VIP! Let's kick it!

The Tampa Bay Rays are gonna say Ice Ice Baby! The Major League Baseball team is going to have early 90's "rapper," Vanilla Ice perform after a game as part of a concert series to boost attendance.

You know your team sucks when you have to get Vanilla Ice to perform in order to try to increase attendance. Can you say scraping the bottom of the barrel? Was Snow (Video Here) not available? Was Kriss Kross (Video Here) booked solid? Was the team not able to come to terms with the perfect early 90's rap/baseball tie in, 3rd Bass (Video Here) ?

I guess the team was Under Pressure to stop, collaborate, and listen to its fans, all 950 of them. I wish the Rays good luck with their promo and hopefully it bring spark the yearned for Another Bad Creation reunion tour.

Peace out,
-The Alpaca Buggerer

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