Thursday, July 1, 2010

Where will Lebron go? Francophile Edition

Now that the free agent sweepstakes, free-for-all, and melee has started in the NBA, I figured that I would have to add my expert opinion on where the most talked about free agent, a certain Mr. Lebron James, will wind up playing next season.

 There are many who speculate that Lebron, which comes from the French for "the bron," will follow the money and just sign with the highest bidder. There are others who insist that Lebron, who is not from France, wants to win a championship and doesn't really care about the money as he is already making at least $40,000 per millisecond and stands to make even more, wherever he ends up.

I fall into the second camp, mainly because they have s'mores making paraphenlia. I think Monsiuer James, of not even French Canadian background, wants to win. I think that he will want to sign with a team that gives him the best chance to win. He doesn't want to be part of a rebuilding project. He will go to a proven winner. A team from a major market (No, Paris doesn't have an NBA team) where he can also get the exposure that he deserves. A team that, with Lebron on the court, will be almost a shoe-in to win. As a result of my tireless and expert analysis, I predict that Lebron James will sign with...

The Harlem Globetrotters. You heard it here first.

-The Alpaca Buggerer.

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