Saturday, October 29, 2011

Lotto win has T-ball Team Pining for Pujols.

LEHIGH ACRES, FL- The MacMurray Auto Body Tigers T-ball team finished in 2nd place in their league last year. For, "Team Mom," Angela Davis it isn't enough and she might just be the person who can do something about that.

Davis, 33 and her husband, the team's Assistant Coach Mike, 36, had the winning numbers in last months record lottery drawing. "265 million dollars is more money than we could ever hope to spend, so we figured we could do something for our son," Mike Davis explained.

Enter Albert Pujols. The eventual Hall of Fame first baseman of the St. Louis Cardinals is a free-agent and expected to fetch a record contract from the highest bidder. "Our Cody is a winner in life and he deserves to be on a winning team. We are now in a position to give him the experience that he deserves," Mrs. Davis beamed. "We are going to use this 'Gift from God,' to be a competitve bidder for Mr. Pujols and hopefully, a championship season for Cody, next year."

"If we are able to sign Pujols, he will have to earn his spot in the starting line-up just like every other boy on the team." Coach Davis said with a sparkle of hope and pride in his eyes. "But I have a good feeling he has the tools to be a contributor to our team's success."

Representatives for Pujols, the Cardinals, and Major League Baseball refused to discuss the matter.

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